Tutorspot is a comprehensive platform to take client enquiries, schedule lessons and manage your calendar, and get paid automatically.

It All Starts With a Message

Prospective clients will initiate contact via Tutorspot's messaging functionality. When a client sends you a message, you will receive an email notification, as well as an indicator on your Tutorspot dashboard.

Convert Clients by Messaging with Them

When a potential client contacts you regarding potentially setting up tutoring sessions, use Tutorspot Messages to answer their questions and establish yourself as the ideal tutor for their needs. Once the client wants to move forward, you can exchange messages to agree on a schedule and rate.

Remember: Refrain from exchanging email addresses or phone numbers in messages. To ensure a high level of quality and convenience for both tutors and students, Tutorspot requires that communication remain on the platform.

Formalise the Tutoring Agreement with a Lesson Reservation

Once a client wants to move forward, you will create a Lesson Reservation, which contains the schedule of lessons, start and end dates, as well as the hourly rate you will charge. To do this, click on "Send Lesson Reservation" from the Messages screen.

You will then be prompted to enter the details of the tutoring arrangement and enter your bank details to get paid if this is your first Lesson Reservation. Once complete, the client will be notified of the Lesson Reservation you have sent them and can accept to confirm. At this point, the client will be prompted to enter their credit card details if they haven't yet done so.

Get Paid Automatically

Tutorspot collects payment from clients automatically after every lesson and disburses funds to your bank approximately 7 business days later. No more collecting cash at lessons or having to deposit cheques. Simple!

Enjoy your lessons and please let us know if you have any questions at support@tutorspot.co.uk!

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