After you have conducted a tutoring session, you must complete a Lesson Report to indicate the lesson took place and summarise what was covered. These reports serve several functions:

  1. They let the Tutorspot system know to charge the client and process a payout to you, the tutor.

  2. They give you an opportunity to document your student's progress and share the summary with the client, whether it be the student themself or a parent.

It is important to note that lesson reports must be completed in order for payment to be taken, and thus, distributed to you. If the lesson did not take place, you can indicate as such in the report.

If you have pending lesson reports that require completion, you'll see a notice at the top of your dashboard.

Simply click 'Complete Report' to complete all pending reports. You can also view all pending and submitted reports from the Lessons (Schedule) section of the dashboard.

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