We're excited to announce the launch of the Tutorspot Online Classroom, an integrated and purpose-built environment for online learning, including a whiteboard, video & audio communication, file upload and screen sharing.

Here are some FAQs for this new feature. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions as we are always here to help.

How do I start using the Online Classroom?

Getting started with the Online Classroom is simple! It is now the default for all online tutoring sessions and you will see a link to launch the classroom next to the lesson details in Tutorspot. Additionally, we share this link in the 'Upcoming Lesson' email that is sent approximately one hour before your lesson starts.

What features does the Online Classroom include?

The Tutorspot Online Classroom is designed from the ground up specifically for tutoring and provides all of the tools necessary for effective online learning, including:

  • Live collaborative whiteboard

  • Realtime video and audio calling

  • In-Session chat

  • Screen sharing

  • First-class support for equations and other visualisations

  • Drop-in document and image support

Is there a fee for using the Classroom?

Not at all! This feature will be an integral part of the Tutorspot platform moving forward and there is no associated cost.

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